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Jesus tells His disciples that work of the Gospel will extend beyond them to others. The Gospel has been entrusted to us and thus we need to do what we can to pass on the Good News of our salvation to as many people as we can.

There is a great need for Catholics to be nourished by the word of God. With awaken faith within the charismatic renewal movement, Catholics have become ease prey of other sects because they feel nourished by them with their bible study programs.

Nourishing and strengthening the faith of Catholics may need a host of initiatives. The Liturgical Bible Study poses great potential in contributing in addressing the need. With a new found vigor in the LBS method, the LBS may even be at the cutting edge of the many programs that is need to strengthen the faith of many Catholics

After experiencing this website, we hope that one may be able to see the potential of the Liturgical Bible Study program in strengthening the Catholic faith as a way to discover the plan of God, and place themselves as disciples of the word of God for the spread of the program in response to the vision and call of the Synod. (SYNOD OF BISHOPS on the WORD OF GOD 2008)

1. Discipleship of the Word. The Website aims to aid in developing the mindset, attitude and habit in reading and studying daily the liturgical readings. This phase which can be called the “deepening phase”, which aims to prepare the heart of the facilitators to be the good soil in the parable of the sower so that the word of God can truly be transformative. Secondly, the website seeks to equip facilitators of added knowledge on the word of God as materials and help in their preparation in conducting LBS.

In this direction, the following activities are envisioned:

  • Retreat and recollection: The Word of God and Spirituality, The Experience of God and Conversion, Discernment, Methods and Effective Prayer, Spiritual direction and others;
  • Seminars and Special Course Offering: Introductions to the Old and New Testament aimed at providing necessary perspective in the study of scriptures, specific books of the Old and New Testaments;
  • Events: Annual gathering of LBS facilitators on various concerns such as biblical apostolate in the parishes; the word of God and Catechetic; Evangelization, Formation, Ecclesial Movements,
  • Fellowship and special gatherings to share on the more personal level the transformative power of the word of God.

2. Bearers of the Word of God. There is a great need in the Catholic church for the reading and study of scriptures by the faithful. The Catholic faith has not been nourished by the word of God, and thus failed to harness such great resource and power. To address this situation in the Catholic church is a very tall order in itself in terms of massiveness and deep of the concern.

The LBS Team envisions establishing biblical apostolate in the parishes where there is none and the strengthening in those parishes where such is already in place through the LBS. In this context of the parish, the biblical apostolate may be the distinct parish engagement service. Moreso, the LBS itself pose as a very powerful and effective stand along evangelization program as it unleashes the power of the word of God in transforming lives. It therefore stands as a back door program for leading people to joining CFCFFL as what is happening. Given all these, the CFC-FFL through the LBS conducted in the families, parishes and other contexts may be blessed to be at the forefront in stirring and kindling a word of God movement within the Catholic Church.

The earlier two phases strategically are preparatory to equip CFC-FFL for the task of establishing biblical apostolate or ministry through the LBS in the various parishes or other settings such as professional, social or civic groups. In this perspective of having wide area coverage, this phase will necessitate support systems and mechanisms as follows:

  • LBS radio program
  • LBS website and internet links
  • LBS educational materials

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