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THE HEAD OF THE CLASS – One Bread, One Body, Jul 25, 2014

St. James 2 Corinthians 4:7-15 | Psalm 126:1-6 | Matthew 20:20-28 "We believe and so we speak, knowing that He Who raised up the Lord Jesus will raise us up along with Jesus." —2 Corinthians 4:13-14 James must have been one powerful apostle! When "King Herod started to harass" the Church, his first move was to cut off James' head (Acts 12:1, 2). "This pleased certain of the Jews" (Acts 12:3) [...]

I WILL IF YOU WILL – One Bread, One Body, Jul 11, 2014

St. Benedict Hosea 14:2-10 | Psalm 51:3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17 | Matthew 10:16-23 "You will be brought to trial before rulers and kings, to give witness before them and before the Gentiles on My account." —Matthew 10:18 We may have promised Jesus that we would speak up for Him if He would give us the words. Many times, however, He wants us to speak up first, and then He'll give us the words [...]