Certificate Course on Liturgical Bible Study

Christian Affirmations and Personalized Bible Scriptures

We often say we need to catechize couples, but in many instances, the problem is not catechesis.The problem is evangelization. These people don’t know Jesus. They do not have a relationship with Christ at all. So if you start giving catechesis, it doesn’t mean anything to them.

There needs to be a more radical approach to bring Christ and his saving truth, and his love, to people a lot earlier in life, emphasizing that Christianity is not just a moral code. It’s about a relationship with a person. The moral code only makes sense within the context of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis

Family Catechesis through the Liturgical Bible Study is a six-week module for beginners. The module aims to help the participants discover, learn and enjoy the Word of God through:

  • An engaging family-study of the Sunday readings
  • An easy, do-able and effective method that is capable of letting each member of the family participate actively in the study
  • An evangelizing approach that whets the appetite of the family members to encounter Jesus in their Sunday worship.

Schedule of the Topics:

Day 1 

  • The Role of the Family in the New Evangelization
  • Introduction to Family Catechesis
  • Nature of the Liturgical Bible Study

Day 2 

  • Methodology of the Liturgical Bible Study
  • Workshop 1

Day 3 

  • Basic Guidelines for the Liturgical Bible Study
  • Workshop 2

Day 4 

  • Facilitating the Liturgical Bible Study
  • Workshop 3

Day 5 

  • Family Catechesis rooted in the Sacred Scriptures and in the Teachings of the Catholic Church

Day 6 

  • Evaluation
  • Emmaus Walk
  • Eucharistic Celebration & Graduation Rites

The Facilitators:

Mr. Santiago Joven Edralin
A candidate for the degree of Masters in Religious Studies major in Catechetics at Don Bosco Center of Studies. Married to Vania with four children. Member of CFCFFL.

Mr. Ramon Arguelles
The Liturgical Bible Study Servant Coordinator of CFCFFL. Married to Merlyn with six children.

Fr. Arlo Yap SVD
Ordained in 1983. Holds a Master’s degree in Development Communications at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos. Initiated the Liturgical Bible Study method.

Fr. Vicente Cervania SDB
Ordained in 1974. Holds a Licentiate degree in Sacred Theology, major in Pastoral Catechetics at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. Heads the Catechetics department of the Institute of Catechetics and Youth Ministry of Don Bosco Center of Studies

Fr. Salvatore Putzu SDB
Worked for 20 years with the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and
Catholic Education {ECCCE}. Founded the multi-awarded Word and Life Publications. Ordained in 1979. Holds a Doctoral degree in Sacred Theology, major in Salesian Spirituality at the Salesian Pontifical University.

Fr. Francis Gustilo SDB
Ordained in 1979. Holds a Doctoral degree in Sacred Theology, major in Salesian Spirituality at the Salesian Pontifical University. Member of the International Theological Commission of the Holy See.

All participants must bring their own Bible (Any Catholic Edition)

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